End plastic waste

Minimal impact on the environment is our goal. That's why adidas will shift entirely to recycled polyester by 2024. Polyester is the most used material in our products due to its great properties for sports performance. It dries quickly and is super lightweight. Already today, the majority of our football jerseys and running shoes are made more consciously.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repeat.

By using recycled polyester, we reduce the environmental impact by 20-60% compared to virgin polyester. The process uses less water, chemicals and energy during production. It also reduces the amount of CO2 emissions that end up in our atmosphere. Instead of creating new polyester from oil, we're recycling plastic wastes such as bottles.

Recycled materials. Stellar performance.

Rest assured, we will still deliver the same style, high performance and durability while significantly reducing the impact on the environment. All recycled adidas products are tested to ensure they meet our highest quality standards and are free of harmful chemicals.

Do your part

Reduce your environmental impact by washing your clothes less often and with cold water, filling the machine and line drying. When it comes to disposing of clothes, think of donating, swapping or recycling.

Want to do more? Find further ideas on how to live more sustainable on the adidas blog GamePlan A.